Industrial experience, SimCorp

Right after finishing my Ph.D. program I joined SimCorp, a leading provider of investment management software solutions and services for the global financial industry. At that point in time, I was all into re-engineering methods because this was what my Ph.D. all about. SimCorp and me kind of found each other. I wanted re-engineering practice and SimCorp had a huge amount of old ugly code in APL which had huge business values for the company. This code had to be renovated and  I joined the renovating team. I was doing re-novating and re-architecting for 1.5 years. Then I moved to the different team which was responsible for developing asset services software and spent 2 years with it. There I participated in the development of security balances forecasting service, 4-eyes principle approval of settlement instructions, Collateral Positions, and Available Positions  dashboards using APL and C# programming language. Also, I fixed tons and tons of bugs 🙂

Industrial experience, Web-Developing Freelancer

Before starting my academic career, I have worked for over 4 years in the software industry. During my master study and 1 year after I worked as a freelancer doing web development in LAMP stack. I participated in over 15 small and large projects using PHP, JavaScript, SQL, AJAX. Some of the web projects, which I participated, and are still in operation, are listed below:

  1. Chattanooga Packages
    Chattanooga Packages offers convenient vacation planning to visit the Scenic City.
  2. Prista Oil
    The web-site of Ukrainian’s office of Prista Oil company.
  3. Aldi
    Online store of power tools and supplies.
  4. Prostobank.ua
    Web-portal devoted to personal finances.
  5. IVT тепловые насосы
    Web-portal devoted to thermal pumps.
  6. Eugene Philipovsy Studio
    Eugene Philipovsy photo studio’s web-site.

Several modules, which i developed for systems, whose customers i did not know:

  1. Joomla plugin for product catalog management.
  2. Component for TV-company web-site for TV-program management.
  3. Sticker modeling component for web-site of the company, which designed stickers for different types of vehicles.
  4. Online store of fishing tackles for fishing at Trossachs woodland glen with PayPal integration.
  5. Food and diet management web-site for private dietitian
  6. Subject web-site devoted to flying legend of Second World War.
  7. Staff, projects and projects’ documents management component for company, which employed a lot of subcontractors.
  8. Indian online bookstore.
  9. Component, which was able to solve traffic problem.

Academic experience

  1. Tool for design defects in object oriented software monitoring (experimental prototype for my PhD research).
    Tool is able to analyse several versions of Java program and store its structure into database. If user has a need to monitor design defects, tool, using all structural information in database, performs measurement and visualization of design defects in different views. Tool has web interface and uses Tomcat servlet container.
  2. On-line laboratory simulator (experimental prototype for my Master research).
    This is online tool, which is able to simulate and visualize several types of radio signal, like harmonic wave, pulsed signal or sawtooth wave, mixed with different types of nose, like white noise, Gaussian noise or Rayleigh noise. Noised signal can be passed through simulated device, like RC-filter, LC-filter or oscillating loop. Tool also provided spectrum analysis.


During years of research, development and teaching I worked with many technologies and tools. The following list should provide a brief overview of my IT related skills:

  • General purpose languages: PHP, Java, C, C++, C#, Pascal, JavaScript; some Ruby, Smalltalk, Scheme, Haskell, BASIC, Assembly.
  • Domain specific languages: SQL, HTML, CSS; for architecture description: Rapide, Wright, Darwin.
  • OO: patters, principles, heuristics.
  • Architecture: patters, styles, heuristics, distributed systems.
  • Software components: Web Browsers, Apache Tomcat, Apache Web Server, Smarty Engine, MySQL.
  • Integrated Development Environments: Visual Studio 2010, Eclipse, NetBeans, Pharo Smalltalk.
  • Different development tools.
  • DSL conceptualization and development.