Its been a while since I have written a post. Wow its actually almost 2 years without posts. What was I doing all the time? Well, I was becoming a front end developer. It’s been a very tough endeavor to decide where to move with my developer career. I considered mainly these options: front end developer, back end developer, full stack developer, data engineer and finally machine learning. The front end is actually programming. After trying a few machine learning projects although it was fun…Continue Reading “My 7 reasons why to choose the front end”

Often I hear the ideas that technical skills are somewhat less important than, for example, communication or other soft skills. Here are some quotes to illustrate what people think: Dustin Ewers, DeveloperOnFire: The developer that’s a ninja at whatever the latest JavaScript framework is is great but a developer who is OK at that and also really good communicator is gonna win every day of the week in terms of actually delivering value to people. John Sonmez, SoftSkills book: I’d rather hire a developer who…Continue Reading “Are soft skills more important than deep technical expertise?”