The colleague of mine recently asked me to check if our Login works correctly. His concern was application’s prompt to login although earlier this day he logged in with “Remember me” checkbox checked. It was a surprise for me because our configuration had this statement: Since I am not an original developer of the application I am currently working on, I was pretty sure this statement means “Keep user logged in for 12 hours”. I figured out I was wrong and in this post, I…Continue Reading “Exploring what does “Remember me” checkbox mean on the Login page powered by ASP.NET Forms Authentication”

I have spent many years in the University teaching students software engineering and writing my Ph.D. theses. During that time, of course, I had to read a lot of books and papers. One interesting point kind of carved in my mind: many years all kinds of software researchers and practitioners were trying to invent components. It was and still is the way too overloaded term. Different software concept was considered as components, from classes and functions to DLLs, JAR files and other things special for…Continue Reading “The programmable web”

I am by no means a git expert, but here is what I have learned when I was trying to answer to myself the following questions: How to think about and visualize git branches to improve understanding of what is going on? What actually happens when I press sync button in GitHub Desktop? Why when someone does it to save their commits on the server, git automatically creates another commit called “Merge branch master of…”? What does diff tool show when one looks at changes…Continue Reading “What happens when you do sync in your GitHub Desktop?”