Дебютував у царині проведення вебінарів :-). Трохи виснажливо, трохи незвично говорити російською, трохи переслідував мене demo ефект, коли щось ломається або не працює у самий непідходящий момент, але я ніби впорався. Принаймні покищо лайків більше ніж дислайків :-).

It has been said a lot about the value proposition of TypeScript. But I still want to add my 2 cents and talk about the reasons to use TypeScript from the personal perspective. So, here is my list: It’s main designer is Anders Hejlsberg. Well, strange reason, I know. But this guy has designed Turbo Pascal, Delphi, and C#. All widely adopted and great technologies. People love them. Let’s face it, experience matters and I think the guy with such a background behind TypeScript increases…Continue Reading “My 2 cents on why you should try TypeScript”

TypeScript has a cool feature – control flow analysis which allows to narrow down the variable’s type inside the control structure block. Like in this example: let x: number | string if (typeof x === ‘string’) { let a: string = x; // In this block type of x is string } else { let b: number = x; // While in this block type of x is number } Very different from C# or Java, right? It made me thrilled when I first learned…Continue Reading “Overcoming TypeScript’s type guards limitations in the nested scope”