Hi, I’m Sasha 🙂

I am front end software engineer specialized on React web applications architecture and development.

I currently work at Svitla Systems as a senior software developer. As a front end developer, I also worked at

StrategicVision days

I was a Software Engineer at StrategicVision working remotely. It is a small and flexible company which gives me a unique opportunity to try myself in different activities. At StrategicVision I code frontend in Angular, do responsive design, code backend in ASP.NET WEB API and Entity Framework, maintain continuous integration with TeamCity and Circle CI, do GUI testing with Selenium, try to make effective distributed development process using GitHub and Waffle.io. And most important, I hope to bring some value to the table by constantly trying to improve our product’s internal, external quality and user experience.

SimCorp days

I was a System Development Consultant at SimCorp. I was mainly responsible for SimCorp’s KPI Manager and Settlement Manager Dashboard (BI) solutions, which included the following activities: provide estimates of the development effort; write business and technical design specifications; perform whole bunch of code construction, refactoring, unit testing and documentation; making code review against coding standards; correct defects. First 2 years at SimCorp I participated in architecture restructuring (refactoring) projects.

In 2014 I have started APL teaching at SimCorp, so I was back to teaching and this was really enjoyable 🙂

University days

I was an assistant and later associate professor at the software engineering department of the National Aviation University (Kyiv, Ukraine), where I taught various software engineering courses and did research. I earned my Ph.D. from the same university in November 2010, under the supervision of Nikolay A. Sidorov. The primary focus of my Ph.D. thesis was the development of a method that allowed monitoring of design defects, which were poor design choices, in object-oriented programs.


Before that, I graduated from National Aviation University in 2006 (electronics department), and got a master degree in electronics and telecommunications. My master thesis was related to the study of distance learning and web application development for simulation of radio signals and noises as well as devices for signals filtering and spectrum analyzing. During that work, I used for the first time object-oriented approach to programming. Actually, I got interested in designing application more than in radio signals and devices. So I decided to change radically my professional life and started learning software engineering.

I have also worked for over 4 years in the software industry. During my master study and 1 year after I worked as a freelancer doing web development in LAMP stack. I participated in over 15 small and large projects using PHP, JavaScript, SQL, AJAX, and other cool stuff.