With this blog post, I will try to help you in case you need to use IBM Watson web services in your application and your application is being developed in .NET. The problem is that IBM does not provide .NET development toolkits for accessing their services for some reason. They have only Java and Node. Without a toolkit, the task of accessing IBM Watson’s web API becomes slightly more difficult. In the following example I will acccess the Speech To Text service using .NET’s HttpClient.aspx)…Continue Reading “Invoking the web API of IBM Watson’s Speech to Text service from .NET”

So you are troubleshooting your NuGet packages retrievement or installing in TeamCity? It is very hard to do because DLLs are cached and NuGet engine does not try to retrieve packages, which are already installed. This leads to the situation where¬†you change some settings to see what happens but nothing really happens. I had this same situation while setting NuGet Installation build step. I was changing the set of NuGet sources, but nothing changed. Then I just removed all NuGet sources, but builds were still…Continue Reading “Troubleshooting Team City NuGet Installer”